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International Festival "The Voice of Angels"

International Festival of voices, sopranos, altos and ... falsettists "The Voice of Angels" - II Edition from March, 13th to June, 14th 2011- CASARANO (LE).Director: Lucia Rizzello

After the successful first edition held in Casarano last May, the Music Association "Accademia dei Serenati" designs and offers the following International Festival dedicated to "The Voice of Angels" as singers castrated and children were defined in the Baroque. In each edition there is the presence of one or more singers from the distinctive and angelic voice and hosts musicians internationally renowned with the participation of a large number of professors of the Conservatory "Tito Schipa" of Lecce, specializing in musics of the Baroque period, which will be proposed.
The high value of culture and art is also ensured by the contribution of local authorities and local institutions (the City and the Library Casarano, Province, Conservatory of Lecce and others) in the form of patronage and contributions.
The event last year, was created in collaboration with the Library, the High School, the Parish Church of the "Chiesa Madre" of Casarano and with financial support from the City of Casarano, the BPP, "Unipol Assicurazioni" and other sponsors.
The objective is to become a multi-year appointment with continuity and represents a landmark in the musical landscape of Salento.
The project was inspired by the need to disseminate and promote the music and our region, given the great interest aroused in Italy and abroad, especially in Europe, USA, Australia, Japan, China.
Each event will revive and recreate feelings, emotions and pathos that music evokes in our first parents, when in different locations of the festival in 1700 echoed the music played on various instruments, organ and heavenly and angelic voices.



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