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Accademia dei Serenati

The Ensemble "Accademia dei Serenati" founded in 1999 by Lucia Rizzello and Luigi Bisanti, is made up of faculty and staff of the Conservatory "Tito Schipa" of Lecce. The Academy brings together the experience of the individual components that are specialized in the performance of Medieval music, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical with instruments of the period or similar items. The ensemble is in constant contact with schools and music archives in Europe, with the purpose of the discovery of new material, focusing on the composers of the Neapolitan School of southern Italy and Terra d'Otranto, from the Late Renaissance to Preclassicismo, as well as those authors who, born in Salento (Galatina, Nardò, Presicce, Lecce, etc.) knew how to explain the name of so-called "Neapolitan School" far beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Naples. The group's repertoire in pages of the most expressive of the literature. The ensemble has been invited to major festivals of ancient music in Italy and abroad and has made numerous live television and recordings.